This site is to provide information about us and our dogs, the way we think in breeding, the way we work and the way we live with our dogs. It is not really meant to advertise puppies or stud dogs.

To be honest , we breed for ourselves and for the interest in the breed, furthermore we are happy when  the right people join this passion and participate in getting a puppy from us.

Our stud dogs are only available to approved bitches.
We reserve the right to refuse a bitch to any of our stud dogs.

All our adult dogs are hip, ellbow and shoulder tested, hold current and clear eye certificates and have passed their character tests. They also have won in the show ring (PIC2), or at the minimum were placed with several excellents.

We furthermore test all our dogs for the natural hunting ability of a Labrador, before they are used for breeding, for we consider it a drama to allow this allround breed to divide into two sections:
The field trial dogs and the show dogs.
The Labrador is a gundog BUT was always famous for his beeing so multi pupose.
This fact made him to what he is today : one of the most popular breeds in the world.
It is VERY important for us in our breeding to keep the famous abilities of the Labrador " alive ":
He is a fabulous gun dog
A lovely family companion
a good looking, strong boned healthy dog without any nervous or anxious behaveiour
A great drug sniffer, superb in finding missed persons
A relieable guide dog for the blind
Childrens best friend
and a dog who is always happy and friendly to everyone but longing to please his master.

All this has to be preserved as what it is: a precious gift
We watch carefully what we do when we breed.

Our dogs live on 8 hectares of own ground.
They are not kept in kennels.
We try to keep them under the natural rules of a pack.
Our dogs live outside all year round which makes them very resistant both in body and brain.
They have the possibility to use indoor and outdoor places and are well protected from cold and wet.
Our dogs decide themselves wheter they want to lay in the sun , the shade, the snow or rain, under a roof or in the open fields.
Altough they have huge runs, it is very important for us to walk all of them every day for at least 45 minutes and train them with the Dummy as much as our time allows.Two of our dogs are participating on working tests ( not enough time for training  all of them on a regular base )
Our puppies are born inside the house and grow up with classical music as soon as they open their eyes and ears.
When they are approximately four weeks old, they move to their outside runs ( without their music :-))

Visitors are very welcome in our kennel, but as we are very busy, an appointment is necessary.
Please understand that we do not sell or reserve puppies without having met the future owners in advance.
We also reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy, if we consider the future place not right.
All our puppies are part of our passion and  a piece of our hearts, placing a puppy is a very fragile matter for us.
Mostly puppies are booked in advance before they are born, so please calculate a bit of a waiting time.